Photo Sharing

Keawakapu Makena

My favorite pastime is watching birds and eating red licorice. You can imagine my surprise when I went to grab my binoculars as I has just seen a Sandy Gallito land on my deck railing and low and behold a Knome eating my red licorice! I had to snap a picture – you should see the photo of the Sandy Gillito!

Jerry the Fairy
Kabooter Maui, USA

Just wanted to share my summer spot with my followers. This is where I unwind with a large jar of pickled eggs and watch the world go by. The odd whale too, if I plan my vacation right.

Joanne Imthorn
Not Sure Where This Was

Pretty sure I was witness to a Knome disaster. You be the judge.

Barbara Ross
Kelowna, British Columbia

I put out my paints to paint on my mini easel and a Knome beat me to it! I was lucky to get this photo, but he was in his own world and didn’t even notice me.

Phrank Sinatra
New York New York

While travelling with my family I zoomed into the face of Lady Liberty! I can’t believe what I captured and didn’t notice it until I had the photo developed.

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