6. “Kabooter Knomes helps kids to be healthy and happy”

We agree that modern parenting is challenging and that changes in society combined with technology saturation are some of the reasons why. We don’t need to be compliant with the status quo. We have the ability to stop and reevaluate our priorities and end goals and then we need to shift how we are parenting.

Childhood and life are about a lot more than good grades, letters behind our names, and income. Often joy comes from the other things in life including health, relationships, creative pursuits, passions and a deep understanding of who we are and what we want out of life.

Over the past 50 years, parenting experts have learned how to encourage a child’s development in all areas including emotional intelligence, creativity, and wisdom, which are proven to correlate with success and happiness in kids. They’ve also recommended that kids need down time, they can benefit from being bored sometimes, and that it’s important for families to play together.

Kabooter Knome play helps parents and kids develop creativity, confidence and wisdom through imaginative, unstructured, real world play. We didn’t set out with this goal in mind.

The Kabooter Knome Story

Joanne and I developed Kabooter Knomes organically during the years we raised our kids. Kabooter Knome play (or we call it “Kabootering”) grew into an oasis of peace and sanity in the middle of the chaos of raising young kids.

It just kind of happened. It is one of those magical things that occurs when a handful of people combine imaginations to produce something unique and incredible.

Joanne and I encouraged Knome play because not only did it make our kids super happy, but it was really fun for us too. It was heart-warming watching our three kids play together the way we used to play when we were little. Makena, Sasha and Finnegan spent endless hours building and creating things using odds and ends that we already had in our home.

Kabootering also afforded me a rare opportunity to exercise my own creativity and imagination, which is fantastic because like most parents, I don’t get that opportunity very often and it feels good! I also love the chance to be silly and laugh with my kids. So much of parenting is serious business.

Sharing silliness and laughter is what true joy is really about.

Kabootering has left a lasting legacy as my kids and I often reminisce about our Knome adventures and relive the joy.

It spoke volumes when my boys spontaneously complimented me in the car one day “you are a really fun mom” they said as I drove them to elementary school. I could have cried tears of joy. During those years I was constantly beating myself up and second guessing myself on my parenting. To hear this from my kids confirmed that I was doing something right and that they noticed. What parent doesn’t want to hear that?!

I believe that Kabooter play has helped my kids to become the extraordinarily creative and imaginative, happy, funny and fun-loving people that they are today. They sure aren’t perfect but they feel comfortable exploring and expressing their ideas and creativity and they are confident in trying out creative pursuits.

We are now incredibly thrilled to be sharing the Kabooter Knome world with all of the families who can use an inspiring creative idea to add to their parenting toolbox.

When I look around I notice that many families are struggling with finding joy and laughter in their day to day lives.

Over the years Joanne and I received countless inquiries about our Knomes and how we play with her kids. Our kid’s friends often played with us and their parents wanted to know how to incorporate Knomes into their own creative play at home. All families should be able to share this, and give their kids joy and laughter.

At Kabooter Knomes, we truly believe in paying it forward, and our goal is to build happier and stronger families. The older I get the more important my local and global community is to me. I reflect more often on what kind of legacy I want to leave to my children but also to my grandchildren and to this world. Sharing joyful moments with my loved ones and helping other families share and building unforgettable family memories it’s got to be one of the best goals I can imagine.

If you still need more reasons to introduce Kabooter Knome play into your home, the next series of blogs explores the importance and value of creativity, imaginative and pretend play, free play, chores, down time and boredom, and shared laughter.


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