Our Mission, Vision & Core Values


Kabooter Knomes Entertainment Inc., is a small friendly company that believes in the power of “play, old school”. We believe in the power of imagination and creative play and we believe in healthy families and the strength of shared laughter.
Our mission is to deliver quality entertainment that encourages kids and parents to unplug, play and laugh together.  Our company believes in the power of kids and parents sharing laughs through old fashioned creative play – fostering joyful family memories and strong, lasting family connections.
We understand the importance and benefits of unstructured and imaginative play for kids.
We believe that play is how kids learn best and play is best received when it’s accessible and relatable and most valuable when it embeds core values (like healthy relationships, emotional intelligence, self discovery and self expression and stewardship of our environment) .
We believe in entertainment that tickles every family member’s funny bone and ignites everyone’s imaginations.
We understand that kids enjoy and benefit from unstructured time to allow them to make their own fun, solve problems, learn about themselves and others, and build resilience, confidence and wisdom.
We believe there’s a time and place for tablets, smartphones and screens, but we now know the risks of too much screen time and the benefits of engaging in the real world too.
We are dedicated to continue to develop the Land of Kabooter to be inclusive and accessible for everyone. Our app, website and book already include features to promote healthy brain health and to ensure that our products are accessible. One example is the use of dyslexic font in our app and website to support all readers.
We are working on additional features including:
● relatable Knome characters for children with different care needs (physical and emotional disabilities, etc.) and modern families;
● lessons and activities that teach life skills (mindfulness exercises, emotional resilience and regulation, organizational and interpersonal skills) in a fun and straightforward way;
● dialogue prompts that allow Knome texts to navigate kids through challenging emotions including: boredom, anger, anxiety, sadness, fear, excitement, happiness and stress;
● A rewards system for completing chores, homework, or other goals that parents can customize based on their family and kids; and more.
We believe in generosity, citizenship and contributing to our local and global communities.

Kabooter Knomes Entertainment Inc. takes child safety and privacy very seriously. Our policy is in accordance with the U.S. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), and we are a strong supporter of the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards and the Broadcast Code for Advertising to Children, administered by Advertising Standards Canada.