Knome Care

Knomes need very little to be happy and healthy. They need enough sugary treats to eat, a safe soft place to sleep and lots of time to play and create.

The Kabooter Knomes Field Guide tells you everything you need to know to take care of these sweet and sassy creatures. Here are a few reminders about Knome care:


  • Make sure Knomes always have yummy snacks.
  • red-button
  • Knomes love to create and build things. Make sure that all your recyclables are clean because knomes use them to build their creations and hate stinky things.
  • Knomes love gifts and surprises and they enjoy handmade gifts from human kids.
  • If you find an un-hatched Knome egg, bring it inside and keep it warm. It could take up to 21 days to hatch. Use this time to make sure your home is ready to entice the newly hatched Knome to stay and live at your home.
  • egg-stars
  • Always warn Knomes of any dangers like cats, trolls, and snakes. The best way is to leave a note by your door.
  • Although shy, Knomes are great at writing notes. Knomes will write you a note when they need to tell you something important.
  • kabooter-stamp
  • If you ever come across Jerry the Fairy lost somewhere, give Jerry directions, a high fibre snack and then send Jerry back to duty. Remember, next time you smell a noxious odour and think it’s the dog, think again. It could be Jerry taking a nap or dropping an egg nearby.
  • slug-toothpaste
  • If you find a slug in your home, it’s probably a Knome’s pet. Make sure not to step on him as his Knome is nearby and will find him soon.
  • Singing not only attracts Knomes but it makes them feel safe and happy, so sing as much as possible.