Attracting Knomes


Attracting Knomes is easy, and the easiest way to do it is with SUGAR. Knomes love sweets and will go to almost any length to feed their sweet tooth (unlike humans, who have only one sweet tooth, all Knomes’ teeth are sweet, even their molars).


Be sure your candy bowl is easily accessible and full of yummy candies and not the gross Halloween candy cast-offs that no one likes.

If the sweets don’t seem to be working, here are some other things to try:

  • Handmade gifts – There is nothing that makes a Knome feel more welcome than hand-crafted surprises kids make from recycled and reused items. Knomes appreciate the time and effort you put in to create things that make their life easier and more fun, like a warm and cozy bed, a well crafted home, or a fun place to play.
  • Avoid stinky things – make sure that you do not have a dirty cat litter box or guinea pig cage. Check that your parents don’t have stinky cheese around and keep your room clean. Avoid all stinky things, even stinky you, so make sure to keep yourself smelling nice and clean.
  • Recyclables – Make sure to keep clean recyclables handy, as Knomes love to use recyclables for their crafts and creations, just like you!
  • Stories – Knomes love bedtime stories so make sure when you read before bed that you read loud enough for Knomes to hear. Try to avoid stories about cats, snakes or trolls, as they may scare the Knome off!
  • Holidays – Remember Knome holidays and leave out a festive card or small sparkly craft for the Knomes on these days (but don’t eat the glue)!
  • Plants – Perhaps plant a garden or flower pot to attract a Knome as they love to garden and love the smell of dirt – their slugs like it too!
  • Music – Knomes love music and singing, so if you are learning to play an instrument or taking singing lessons and it starts to smell like candy, you know you have attracted a Knome!
  • Magic – Try a magic trick. Knomes can’t resist a great illusion (they have been fans of Doug Henning forever)!