Meet the Knomes

What is 4 inches high, shy, mischievous and loves sugary sweets?

Who loves to make crafts, cook yummy treats, and let their imaginations run wild?

Who is curious and silly and would love to be your friend?

Kabooter Knomes, that’s who!

Yes, Kabooter Knomes are a variety of gnome, but unlike their average garden-variety relatives, there is nothing sugar coated about Knomes characters, their lives or their kooky adventures. Under the candy-colored gloss of their adventures, there is little in the human experience that knomes don’t share with us, just on a much smaller scale.

Knomes build resilience and have a lot of fun through their diversity, unusual habits, and the ups and downs of real life and through some of life’s real and random experiences and milestones like loving a pet, getting a cavity, living in a modern family, getting B.O., suffering from anxiety, bad habits like picking their nose, and contemplating life’s big questions, such as: whether to become a vegetarian.

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