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Kabooter Team

Jody Pihl (right)

One of the founding Kabooter scientists, Jody is a busy mother of twin boys. She is a dedicated community volunteer, an avid hiker, reader, farmhand and she moonlights as a lawyer. Jody lives in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Joanne Willmott (centre)

The other founding Kabooter scientist, Joanne is a top-producing real estate agent and a married mother of a teenage girl. She enjoys biking (and not falling off), traveling and laughter. Joanne lives in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Shelly McLaughlin (left)

Shelly completes the executive team at Kabooter (she hands Jody and Joanne their lab coats and does their filing). Shelly is a businesswoman who is juggling multiple careers together with raising her busy family of three children with her husband. Shelly lives in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Helena Ruiz (missing, she’s much too busy)

Helena is Kabooter’s brilliant illustrator who works for a leading global interactive entertainment software company. Helena lives with her partner in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

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Book Reviews

“This full sized, candy colored jewel, is a mock, mixed media style, scientific field journal that compiles evidence that the Knome scientists have accumulated from years of secretly studying the Kabooter Knome.  The clever and whimsical text will entertain children as well as their parents, and the enchanting and richly colored illustrations, with vintage earthy imperfection, sets this book apart visually.”

– Allison McKenzie, British Columbia

“The “Field Guide to Kabooter Knomes” is a funny, clever and visually beautiful illustrated children’s book that introduces kids and their parents to the “Kabooter Knome” – a modern, light-hearted and quirky take on the mythical gnome.  And no spoilers here – but suffice it to say that kids and adults alike will love to engage in Kabooter play together and will shares laughs with the Knomes, particularly the the peculiar and stinky “Jerry the Fairy” and his “bedazzled fanny pack”.

– Shelly McLaughlin, Kelowna, British Columbia

“My favorite books are those entertain both kids and adults.  Extraordinary children’s books also leave a legacy of something more. The Kabooter Field Guide promises to leave family memories of fun and laughter and it is destined to end up dog eared and well loved, on the bedside table of every 5 to 9 year old I know.  A sure bet for a kid or family you love.”

– Kim Wright, Kelowna, British Columbia

Press Releases



Kabooter Knomes Unveiled

Kelowna’s Kabooter Knomes Premiers at World’s Largest Toy Fair

Kelowna BC – February 2, 2018

Kelowna based Kabooter Knomes Entertainment Inc. is headed to the Big Apple. Kabooter’s proprietary concept promotes creative play for children aged 5+, balancing screen-time and unplugged free play. Created in 2014 by Jody Pihl and Joanne Willmott, the Land of Kabooter is a whimsical springboard for all kinds of creative play and adventures. The Kabooter Knomes Field Guide, released in 2016, is now followed by “Kit and Kabooter”, a complete play kit stuffed with ideas to immerse kids in the Land of Kabooter.

On February 17, 2018, the New York Toy Fair ( opens and the Kabooter team will introduce their products to the world at booth 4511 at the coveted “Launch Pad”, an exclusive first-timer exhibit hall.

“We couldn’t be more excited to launch this passion project. Our journey from idea to international exposure for our play concept (including book, toy, app, and website) has been like starting 3 businesses at once. The opportunity to unveil at the New York Toy Fair Launch Pad affirms that we are attracting attention by offering something truly unique. After four years of hard work, It’s time for the fun part – inviting an international audience into the Land of Kabooter.”

Kabooter Knomes Entertainment’s Kit and Kabooter will be available this Summer. The Kabooter Knomes Field Guide can be purchased directly at or through Amazon.