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Kabooter Knomes are a light-hearted, quirky and modern take on the mythical gnome. Gnomes have withstood the test of time, and for generations children around the world have been fascinated by these magical creatures. This new generation of Knomes (the ‘k’ is silent ;)) are a springboard for fun and imaginative, creative play for kids aged 5 and up, as well as their parents.

The Kabooter Knome was born from countless hours of fun the Founders, “Knome Scientists” Jody Pihl and Joanne Willmott, shared with their children.

Remember how we used to play before digital devices when we had to make our own fun using things we already have? Would you like your to unplug and have more old-fashioned fun? Kabooter Knomes is a creative play concept aimed at helping kids unplug from their devices and enjoy engaging their imaginations and creativity in real-world play. Our Kit and Kabooter includes everything you need to bring the magic of Kabooter to your home!

Our Kabooter play concept The Kit and Kabooter is our response to the many requests from kids and parents to share this play concept with others. Kabooter is a passion project for these moms who want to share Kabooter fun with other families.

Our goal is to help families “unplug and play” through meaningful, imaginative and creative play. We help parents teach kids to “play old school” by providing them with an easy and fun tool to engage in with their child through imaginative play. We help kids and their parents share laughs and let their imaginations soar.

In order to introduce others to Kabooter play, Jody and Joanne created a field guide to teach kids and families all about the Kabooter Knome.

The “Field Guide to Kabooter Knomes” is a funny, clever and visually beautiful illustrated children’s book that introduces kids and their parents to the “Kabooter Knome” and outlines everything they need to know about these magic creatures including how to attract them, what they like to do, what they eat and activities they engage in. This full sized, candy colored jewel, is a mock, mixed-media style, scientific field journal that compiles evidence that we “Kabooter scientists” have accumulated from years of secretly studying the Kabooter Knome. The clever and whimsical text will entertain children as well as their parents, and the enchanting and richly colored illustrations, with vintage earthy imperfection, sets this book apart visually.

Each Knome is unique, has an interesting name and style, and comes from a different part of the globe. The diverse knome characters also have distinct personalities, likes and dislikes, skills, hobbies and bad habits, which affords all children the opportunity to connect with each unique character. And no spoilers here – but suffice it to say that kids and adults alike will love the peculiar and stinky “Jerry the Fairy” and his “bedazzled fanny pack”.

Once introduced to the basics of Kabooter knomes, the stage is set for children to start looking for knomes and engaging in creative ways to attract knomes to their home.

Pihl says that the founders have a passion to share this fun with other families:

“The aim is much greater than simply launching a book and toy. The goal is to help busy modern families reconnect and get back to the basics, by encouraging families to unplug, play and laugh together. When I think back to all the fun knome adventures we shared, I can’t help but smile remembering all the laughs we shared with the knomes.”

Pihl and Willmott deeply believe that laughter unites families, creates joyful homes, builds lasting memories and deep family connections. Willmott explains that the Field Guide and accompanying Knome figures help parents “play old school” by providing them with an easy tool to engage their child in creative and social play.

“It’s a turn key “fun generator” for busy parents, says Willmott.  Kabooter Knomes are a springboard to imaginary adventures that require kids to invent scenarios, hand craft toys and mix and modify items and other toys they already have in their home. The goal is to get kid to think, to create and to invent. The fun and laughter naturally follows.“

Kabooter Knomes also has an interactive iOS app and website that offers Knome fans loads of ideas to help fuel the magic of Kabooter play. Pihl says:

“The app and website further enrich the Knome experience by offering additional Kabooter content that gives kids and their parents tools to help play together including crafts, recipes, games, songs, activities, a forum to share their ideas with other Knome fans, as well as updates on global knome sightings.”

Jody and Joanne like to call play with Kabooter Knomes, “kabootering”, and over the years they have mastered the art of kabootering and have endless ideas of how to incorporate this fun into everything a family does.

How to Kabooter, by Joanne

Here is a parent’s guide to Kabootering and what you need to get your children and family members into having fun with Knomes, no matter what you are

A keen nose for magic does help. Knomes smell like candy and a bit of magic, so if you can smell magic, you can surely learn how to Kabooter. If you smell toots – well that’s Jerry, so the Knomes are most definitely nearby.

Kabootering is easy. You just need to be a bit silly and learn to let go. Learn to see Knomes in the bushes or hear them in the trees. Foster your children’s imagination by bringing along the magic wherever you go and in whatever you see and hear.

You can make a boring trip to the grocery store a bit more fun, when you learn to help your children spot evidence of Knomes. Something spilt in aisle 6? Must be Knomes. A broken egg in the carton you just picked up off the shelf? Those tricky Knomes! I often hear snickering behind the cereal boxes – knomes are shy but very mischevious!

Taking friends on an afternoon of wine-tasting and can’t find a sitter, or want to include the children, but think they will be bored? Knomes are known to be found near grape vines and perhaps you have heard in the news that a Knome was spotted in one of the stops on your tour?

It’s amazing how you can hear knomes giggling and running around when you really pay attention. Even when you are out on a family hike, you will most definitely spot evidence of Knomes – have the kids bring their keen searching skills and let them know Knomes have most definitely been seen on the trail you are taking. Notice any little caves or holes in a tree stump? Knomes for sure! When you pay close attention, there are knome footprints and trails everywhere!

Knomes are messy too – so when your children want to pull out all the craft supplies and mess up the kitchen table – just let them. Let go of the need for a perfect house and let your kids memories of making Knome creations fill their heads, not of how they grew up in a pristine house.  But, one of the keys to kabootering, is the children should always clean up when they are done, because Knomes don’t help that much when it comes to being tidy.

Also, just so you know. There is no such thing as Nicky Nicky nine doors – it’s just Knomes playing funny pranks. They like to let the air out of bicycle tires too!

Happy Kabootering and check in regularly with our parent inspiration section!